Scott Clark and Larry Millar founded Paleo Field Excursions in 1999 for the purpose of bringing High School students to the Big Bend area to dig fossils with Mr. Ken Barnes.

Over the years several hundred students have had the opportunity to make discoveries such as Dinosaur fossils, Tyrannosaurid teeth, Crocodile teeth, Alligator, and Mosasaur fossils.

As well as Paleontology, camping, hiking and the study of flora and fauna round out this experience in the Big Bend of Texas.

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Seas and Shores of the Big Bend of Texas
From Mosasaurs to Dinosaurs

Ken Barnes
Founder & Curator
Anchiornis huxleyi  is the oldest feathered dinosaur found to date.

Zhao Chuang and Xing Lida
Moreno Middle School Students Visit Museum

From digging through the sediment looking for fossilized bone, to navigating the sometimes turbulent Rio Grande River, Moreno Middle School students packed a week of adventures into only four days.

This year, the students spent most of one day rafting down the Colorado Canyon of the Rio Grande.  Navigating the rapids made the nine-hour excursion a tiring experience for the youngsters even though they managed to sneak in a nap on the banks of the river.

They also visited with Ken Barnes to gain some insight into the study of paleontology, hands-on style.  Barnes, an old man with a long white beard, took the students to a common site notorious for dinosaur finds. While the students didn’t discover any femurs or vertebrae of the ancient monsters, they did uncover a few prehistoric bone shards.

One of the fun stops for the students included a noted and unusual place to eat in the Big Bend area. Kathy’s Kosmic Kowgirl Kafe, is a bright pink restaurant with large wire spools for tables. Don’t let the looks fool you. Inside the old trailer, seemingly held together only by the thick coat of paint, the students were served omelettes in healthy portions and warm cinnamon rolls brushed with gooey icing.

by Jason Collins.
Soccor ball sized dinosaur eggs found in India
Hundreds of fossilized sauropod eggs were found in nesting area.

Mosasaurs and other MEGA-BEASTS
Group picture of the Premier High school group from the Abilene area before we worked on dig sites on Oct. 3 - 4, 2009. It was sprinkling rain so on the 3rd. we worked on marine dig sites that day and worked on the dinosaur site on the 4th. after the road, (trail), dried out.
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See a video slide show of the Museum and Gounds by Ara