Seas and Shores of the Big Bend of Texas
From Mosasaurs to Dinosaurs

                                        Ken Barnes
                                        Founder & Curator
Below are a few photos of my dig site KB - B, this sit has associated fossils of one large Hadrosaur, duck billed dinosaur, (the most complete skeleton ever found in West Texas), and a few Chasmosaurus, horned dinosaur, fossils on the East end of the pit. Click to enlarge picture, click background to return
Dig site KB - B fossil bed
High school students working the B site
The dig site becomes a mud hole after a wet rainy season
Get the mud out first
Gas powered jackhammer to break up the hard mudstone overburden
Throw the spoils over there
Left and right lower jaws below
A single tooth
Teeth in the jaw
Axis, first cervical vertebra, I have 8+ other cervical vertebra, 12+ dorsal vertebra and 2 caudel vertebra for this Hadrosaur
Ventral view of the sacrum
Dorsal view
Ilium ( hip bone )
Ischium ( pelvic bone )
Left femur
Right femur
Tibia and fibula
Bite marks on an ankle bone
Dig sites KB - B and KB - A are in the Upper Shale Member of the Aguja formation and only 50 yards apart near the same level. Note, our High School programs students dug up a lot of these fossils.
Below are Ceratopid fossils found in the East end of KB - B dig site along with the Hadrosaur fossils above.
Below are a few photos of my dig site KB - A, this site has a jumble of fossils of at least 5 deferent size Hadrosaurs from very young to 3/4 grown with a very young Chasmosaurus mixed in, croc. teeth, carbonized wood and lots of unidentified fragments.
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Removing matrix
Below are fossils from KB - A dig site of several size Hadrosaurs from very small to 3/4 grown
Skull parts of a young Chasmosaur
Young Chasmosaur femur's
Left and right maxilla of a 3/4 grown Hadrosaur, different views below
This Hadrosaur had a bad dentition problem and probably starve to death?
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Right femur, other views below
Femur, Tibia, and fibula
Proximal 3/4 of a medium size Hadrosaur femur
Medium size Hadrosaur ilium
Left and right medium size Hadrosaur humerus, and a tinny one
Part of a small Hadrosaur left mandible
A small Hadrosaur tibia
A smaller Hadrosaur tibia and fibula note croc. bite
Proximal end of above
Assortment of small Hadrosaur caudel vertebra
Assortment of other fossils from the A- dig site
Possible Theropod quadrate?
Hollow bone, Theropod?
A lightly built non Hadrosaur neuralspine
A rare small left mandible of an alligator
Hadrosaur quadratojugal?
Tyrannosaurid teeth
Croc. teeth from various locations
Croc. tooth from Croc Hill location
These photos serve as a photo library of some of my significant fossils
Third cervical vertebra
Middle cervical vertebra
Posterior dorsal vert.
Two middle caudel vertebra
The larger part of the large squamosal needs to be moved to the anterior one maybe two more 140mm undulations
The larger part of the large squamosal needs to be moved to the anterior one maby two more 140mm undulations